Ohio CAT: Meet the Machines, August 9 & 10

August 09 & August 10, 2019

Ohio CAT presents “I Build America Days” at Great Lakes Science Center! The event covers the following features.

Force and Motion

Objects fly in this high energy demonstration about forces. Watch in amazement as we launch materials throughout the room and uncover the mystery behind the forces that affect motion.

Break It Big Science Show

Watch spectacular feats of science as we experiment with physical and chemical changes and break it down.

Meet the Machines

Get up close and personal with several monster machines and the men and women that work with Ohio CAT. Learn about the machines and the important work Ohio CAT does to help Ohioans build, improve, feed, power and protect our world.

Make it Move activity

From hydraulics to the wheel and axle, moving large objects is made easier with the help of simple machines. We challenge you to move objects and explore the amazing way tools give you a mechanical advantage and superhero-like strength.

Power Up activity

When you need power, Ohio CAT has you covered. Take a journey through the hidden world of electricity as you complete circuits and learn how we use energy to get work done. Robot Warriors Location: Promenade, Lower Level Time: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. You take the controls and navigate a robot through our miniature city. Operate your robot’s arm to lift objects or drive one of our sphero robots around obstacles and under bridges.

Great Lakes Science Center
601 Erieside Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44114


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